Stunning eco-building exhibition tackles nature and technology

Litteralit, an exhibition space located at Expo 2020 Dubai, is attempting to explore the biophilia inherent in humans, and its relationship to their ecosystems. That biophilia manifests as a desire to better their surroundings, which informs Litteralit’s design and shows us a future where we can recreate with a hands-on approach as much as sitting in the air. In fact, you don’t have to go far to find examples of biomimicry and eco-design in other places, from homes inspired by the forests of South America to museum exhibits that mimic animals such as elephants and whales. Litteralit is the UK’s first biomimicry museum, devoted to exploring ideas and practices that are grounded in nature and biomimicry. “What we’re trying to show is, the forces that are coming into our community are bringing the best of us, and the best of our environment, to a new level,” said head curator Clive Boxall in an interview with New York Times architecture critic Laura Mark. With Litteralit, Boxall’s hope is to open up a window for people around the world to see how their everyday habits can contribute to sustainable, environmentally friendly living. For the first couple of days of the exhibition, its foreboding ethos is quite literal, as the exhibit must be cooled to 35 degrees Fahrenheit, according to Time. The floor, which features an array of algae-filled planters, can be lowered to the glacial temps, allowing visitors to control what, exactly, gets to them. We later learned that, over the next four years, the exhibit will go through a number of upgrades and be kept running solely on renewable energy sources (such as solar panels and wind turbines) to ensure it continues to be a useful model for the future.

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