Migrants found hidden in semis on the border between Mexico and US

Written by Staff Writer

In news that reflects the increasingly dangerous reality for migrants attempting to cross the border into the United States, Mexican officials discovered an estimated 600 people hiding in two semi-trailers on Monday in the northeastern state of Veracruz.

According to National Migration Institute director Alejandro Poire, the migrants found in the trailers were mostly from Central America and mixed age groups. The US Border Patrol reported 2,388 deaths of undocumented immigrants at the US-Mexico border during the 2010-2011 fiscal year.

According to the National Migration Institute, authorities went to the area after receiving reports of six truck accidents and expected the same with the discovery of hundreds of people living illegally.

The Veracruz civil defense department, known as Coomí, said the migrants were found close to a cemetery.

There were an estimated 37 migrants in each semi-trailer and officials said they were all in relatively good condition.

Problems afflicting the region emerged last month when a part of the busiest section of border fence between San Diego and Tijuana collapsed, causing migrants to walk through the fenced section.

The New York Times and San Diego Union-Tribune were the first to report the discovery.

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