How to read the piece of legislation: Reproductive rights from behind the cervix.


By Rep. Mark Pocan (D-Wis.)

The employers who classify themselves as “not for profit” institutions are a major part of the problem. They make it nearly impossible for women to access paid sick time and to confront the racial, sexual and institutional violence they face, on a daily basis. The Equality Act addresses that problem by making it easier for employees to go to their own employer with complaints. Other provisions will increase the access of women and non-binary individuals to healthcare services, and make enforcement of the Equal Pay Act easier by making the act retroactive. The Equality Act will level the playing field between men and women on equal terms.

In 2018, women fought for equal pay to secure 30 percent of wage gains made in the previous decade; these gains pale in comparison to the gains made by men in previous decades. By making it more difficult for employers to discriminate, the Equality Act will secure equal rights for women in the workplace and strengthen our economy.

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