Will video games lead to the future of travel?

Image copyright Courtesy of Microsoft Image caption Visionary: Quest said video games hold the key to the future of travel

Richard Quest is the latest star to try his hand at video gaming – but not to become a superhero.

The former Dragons’ Den panellist, who has held talks with Microsoft about investing in the firm, got to try some of the Xbox’s games.

Microsoft head of gaming Phil Spencer asked the explorer what he thought of his Xbox One performance.

Quest is sceptical about whether Microsoft has found the secret to a futuristic gaming future.

Image copyright Courtesy of Microsoft Image caption Quest said Microsoft had a “strange” approach to game design

“I don’t think video games as a whole hold the secret to the future of travel,” he said after the session.

Quest believes tech is making travel more exciting, but added Microsoft “has a strange” approach to game design.

He is one of three British guests to join Microsoft’s Visionary panel of people – along with James Bond writer Neal Purvis and Beastie Boys’ Mike D – to discuss the future of video games in a series of PS4 panel discussions.

Each will appear on a panel and play with an Xbox One, though all three were sceptical about the reception they would get from fans.

Image copyright Courtesy of Microsoft Image caption Quest said Microsoft has a “strange” approach to game design

“This is a strange way to interact with the audience, but we understand the interest that people have in the medium,” he said.

“You don’t have to be an Xbox fan to play video games.”

The panel was discussing a question on Microsoft’s website about what gamers want from the medium.

Spencer explained that the company has 50 million Xbox players, with Xbox 360 users regularly playing more than 300 billion games.

He added that Xbox’s Fan Effort was a “wide reach tool” through which Microsoft works to engage with gamers.

Image copyright Courtesy of Microsoft Image caption Spencer said the Xbox Network continues to add users as new hardware arrives

Quest added: “It’s not just Sony, but there is a reach we have with the business being in business for all these years now, and reaching people directly.”

Asked if he would ever consider investing in Microsoft, Quest said: “I would.”

Spencer added: “We have not reached out to people on the Visionary panel yet.”

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