14th Annual Other Voices: David Clark

Adair Turner was one of the Liberal government’s champions of Corporate Reform, who introduced Bill C-18, which bolstered Canadian regulations governing foreign investment in Canadian businesses. He also introduced landmark legislation to create Canada’s first fiduciary standard of care. When the Tories and Liberals clashed over these measures, Turner proposed how they could be reconciled. David Clark shared his thoughts on Ottawa, which reminded him that we should remember both our houses, and that Parliament, for all its emphasis on debate, was actually a deliberative body.

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WATCH: #JUSTEDEFUGEES have become a political football in Canada. What does it say about us as a country? https://t.co/I6jIqlGtXO — The Washington Post (@washingtonpost) October 29, 2018

Justin Trudeau now faces the toughest test of his career, during which time the backlash from Canada’s Muslim and refugee communities has reached dizzying heights. Especially not because he promised to take 12,000 Syrian refugees from an uncertainty in the Middle East and a war zone in Northern Syria, but rather because he signed an early acceptance agreement to resettle 50,000 refugees in Canada in total. That decision came shortly after he won the federal election, and while few expected that a woman, no less a young, interesting, charismatic minister with children, would be pitted against the manager and trained politician-turned-prime minister, Tony Clement. As Trudeau attempted to recover with promises to more quietly work to pass an act of Parliament to review its intake of Syrian refugees in line with its commitment, the agenda of inflation encroached upon his house.


Could Trudeau become the perfect Canadian prime minister?

Given a second chance, why will Trudeau’s government hold up so well?

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