Sri Lanka opens up borders to Indian Ocean archipelago

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Travellers to Sri Lanka will now no longer be required to obtain local visas in order to enter the country.

Sri Lanka’s tourist Board says that the decision has taken effect from 6 June.

Bangladesh has faced a growing number of terrorist attacks

The Indian Ocean nation will now also be allowed to reopen its land borders with the Maldives, and India.

The countries have been temporarily closed since January last year due to the protests led by Tamil militants.

Security threats

Sri Lanka’s cancellation of diplomatic relations with India and Maldives came amid claims that they had sided with Myanmar in the Rakhine crisis in which more than a hundred ethnic Rohingya Muslims have been killed.

Tensions between ethnic groups in Sri Lanka’s war-ravaged northern region also have been high after a politician, Nawal Hossain, posted a Facebook video that appeared to advocate a return to the concept of apartheid, and allowed his followers to join his political party with the hashtag #ToRakhine with names like “MaldivesFirst.”

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