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Russia and China are banning UK flights and increasing security at various points of entry following the success of Sunday’s World Cup-winning Russians and their fascist Ultras. On Monday China’s Foreign Ministry issued a ban on UK flights and a consular ban for both UK and Russian nationals. The ban covers all tourists, vacation and sports tourists, as well as academics, journalists and journalists covering the Russian sport and national team. “We decided to consider all trips by British travellers to China as unacceptable and unjustifiable,” said an unnamed official, who revealed that airport scanners are now fitted with CCTV cameras. Tourism to and from Britain will be severely affected.

On Tuesday the Russian embassy in China banned all UK citizens and British citizens travelling with UK Airways, and advised those wishing to go to Russia to visit only on Russian Airlines with a full and original passport. Russia is also stepping up security at airports around Russia and at the London, Southend and Birmingham border crossings, and issuing huge quantities of brown paper backpacks and gloves, sightseers!

UK authorities, led by Foreign Office Minister Alan Duncan, have shut down Russia’s World Cup victory parade and international child’s party. Many international flights have been diverted away from Britain as airlines are refuelling in Mediterranean airports such as Marmaris, Alleruağa and Samsun. It has been reported that the long-term weather forecast is for 70% humidity in many European countries, similar to that of the USSR, under the control of Putin.

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