Steps to take if you’re being stalked

There are four different levels of stalking, two of which are very common and two of which are very unusual. For instance, if you have been specifically targeted for stalking, there is a strong chance you should be seeing a therapist or psychiatric social worker. The four types of stalking are: Physical stalking, such as a nuisance letter; emotional stalking, such as the writer writing over and over again; sexual stalking, such as following you to work, your date and home; and political stalking, which can involve creating a false identity or casting false suspicion on you, but has a very low level of severity.

If you are particularly concerned about a situation, call a police station or the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. They can provide help. They can also refer you to a specialist who can support you.

Even if someone isn’t stalking you, you should still treat it as if they might be. It doesn’t mean you should think they won’t hurt you. It does mean that it’s important to keep your guard up and recognize the signs that can help you report it to the authorities.

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