Watch this surveillance video of Michael Brown’s last moments on Earth

The last image CNN had of Michael Brown, the Missouri teenager shot to death by a white Ferguson police officer in August 2014, was from a security camera before he was shot.

The image was shot around 9:20 p.m. ET on Aug. 9, 2014, less than two hours after the police officer fatally shot the unarmed Brown in Ferguson. Dressed in black leather gloves, Brown was on the ground, apparently complying with officer Darren Wilson’s orders to drop his weapon.

Except that shot was actually taken from the fourth story of a gas station, about half a block away from the shooting.

CNN combed through security footage of the gas station that night to piece together the version of events surrounding Brown’s death, and Thursday night released the newly filmed portion of the security video.

The video shows two young men in black hoodies and baseball caps walk out of the gas station onto Vine Street. The boys then cross the street, raise their hands in the air and walk a block west toward the convenience store. Police officers from the nearby police station watch the men who appeared to be purchasing cigars.

Police Officer Thomas Jackson, one of the first to respond to the gas station, looks on.

“They came in and asked to buy a pack of cigars,” Jackson told CNN. “They looked like a young black couple.”

From the gas station, the hooded figures walk out onto southbound Vine Street, where they stop in front of a gas station. The video shows the two young men walk to the front door of the store and enter the store. Jackson watches from across the street.

The two enter the store, and one heads to the cash register, while the other lays in a chair in the rear of the store near the open door. Police officers from the nearby police station watch them enter the store.

The surveillance video appears to show the two young men walk to the front of the store, where they appear to buy a pack of cigars. The video then shows the two young men walking across the street, raise their hands in the air and walk a block west.

Then police officers from the nearby police station watch as Brown and a friend walk out of the store and head toward a pay phone in the parking lot. Jackson tells the young men to walk away from the shop.

“Take your hands out of your pockets,” Jackson told the young men. “Walk away. Walk away.”

With the video released on Thursday, the world will get its first extended look at the events in the minutes leading up to Brown’s death.

CNN didn’t air the previously released portion of the footage on “Erin Burnett OutFront” on Thursday evening, leading some to question the broadcast.

“If they run it by their lawyers and feels it’s safe enough, then they run it,” said Joseph Donovan, a former federal prosecutor and CNN legal analyst.

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