The beautiful ‘da Vinci of wedding cakes’ dies at 91

Sylvia Weinstock, whose sophisticated, yet friendly, signature cakes helped cement her as the “da Vinci of wedding cakes,” died on Sunday at the age of 91.

Weinstock, who began as a shop girl before opening her eponymous business with partner Carl Weinstock in 1953, reportedly manufactured over 10,000 cakes for weddings over the course of her 35-year career. Over the years, she received numerous awards and accolades for her artistic skills, which were displayed through her books, such as her 1960 collaboration, “I Met a Fairy;” a 1991 autobiography “Because I Love It” and, most recently, 2015’s “The Cake Wand: My Passion for the Ultimate Mouser.”

“Weinstock’s passion for her art was amazing. Sylvia was the sweetest person I ever met. She had a great sense of humor and had a strong soul,” writes Syra Hempel in The Telegraph.

“She was more like a guru, a spiritual soul who blessed others by sharing her divine advice on everything from marriage to show business. Above all, Sylvia Weinstock was fiercely honest and kind. She was such a wonderful mom. I always said that if I had a child, she’d be the one I’d have for my daughters,” “American Dreamers” producer Jenny Weiss, who dated Sylvia for almost three years, wrote in The Hollywood Reporter.

Weinstock, who died in her sleep in England, is survived by her husband, son Tony Weinstock and daughters Harriet Harrison and Ann Weinstock.

For more from Syra Hempel, head over to The Telegraph.

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