Those ratty-looking Ford Model A’s came out of nowhere

The Model A began life in 1947 as a Dixie Coupe. It was designed, produced and designed by two Ford employees and engineering professor Don Faught.

Production was on schedule when it ran into technical problems. Model A crashes were common, even though the legendary sub-compact was considered one of the safest cars in the world. Ford blamed Ford Model A owners and shamed them in public advertising. The following were the main causes: inadequate brakes, belt failed, engine noise, bald tires, bad exhaust system, wind noise and a bad tires on the top axle. The builders even slapped ad in the magazine replacing the word “engine” with the word “emissions.”

Model A owners, especially the scowling ones in Washington, just didn’t buy that. Actually, no one did. Ford stopped selling the Model A in 1951.

When Ford car company stopped production of the Model A, General Motors replaced it with the slightly larger, more expensive, but not much more popular Buick Three and Chevy Monte Carlo.

Source: The Ford Hemmings Group

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