These 10 biggest superyachts look like they

There are all sorts of megayachts out there, but some of the world’s largest are generally more than just glitz and glamour.

These days, the ultra-luxury watercraft are often carrying a large staff and often feature a swimming pool and gym — so enough sunbathing can really get tiresome if you have to walk all the way from the living room to the inflatable slide.

So here are 10 of the biggest superyachts of all:

1. Maybach 88e Superyacht

The Maybach 88e Superyacht from Zeppelins Cruises carries 72 guests and is more than 1,300 feet long. If that’s not big enough, its maximum sail speed is a frightening 58 knots.

When the boat leaves on its inaugural voyage in 2020, it will feature a swim studio for guests, a gift shop and massage parlors. It’s outfitted with a dedicated restaurant, a petting zoo and other family-friendly features. It’s also giant enough to withstand the brunt of an explosion, should terrorists try to blow it up. It was previously designed as a hydrogen powered vessel.

Photo credit: Zeppelins Cruises

2. Floating Light Horse

All about the light! U.S. superyacht company CoPole Equivalents commissioned Danish architect Ole Scheeren to create a sci-fi-inspired floating home as part of the Float Vamilia concept ship — called the Light Horse. The 43,000-square-foot home is six decks long and will measure 42 meters long. The home will be equipped with a swimming pool, spa, gym and a helipad.

Photo credit: CoPole Equivalents

3. St. Regis Suntory Sunset

If you love superyachts, you might be a fan of Suntory whisky. The Japanese spirits company is building a $250 million megayacht, The St. Regis Suntory Sunset, that’s decked out in the company’s logo and can accommodate a crew of 19. Also, it’s outfitted with a sushi bar, pizza oven, ice cream and gelato display case and an amusement park.

Photo credit: St. Regis Suntory

4. Terror Siege

Designed by Spanish architects Girona Balboni, Terror Siege boasts a floating dining room, a sports bar, an art gallery and 9,099 square feet of residential space. The restaurant will feature gourmet and traditional tapas-based menu options. If it feels like this boat just isn’t big enough for your crew, there’s also a luxury bungalow that sleeps a crew of eight and can sleep up to seven passengers.

Photo credit: Ganglion and Girona Balboni

5. Magnusson Belle

This yacht is a mere 200 feet long, but it can accommodate 26 passengers and 12 crew members. The boat has four-meter ‘freestyle’ deep-sea diving gear for sea creatures, while others are available for guests who want to explore even farther.

Photo credit: Mundi BK

6. Days at Sea

This 610-foot yacht was designed by professional yacht builders Lavoie and features all the amenities you’d expect on a megayacht — a swimming pool, a bar with a retractable roof, a gym, a spa and Jacuzzi, a day spa and a wide range of entertainment options.

Photo credit: Lavoie

7. Samantha Polly Brown

Built in an understated chromium-plated aluminum, this one-of-a-kind yacht is named after British journalist Samantha Brown. She joined CNBC as a European and African correspondent in 2015. Samantha Polly Brown can be fully customized to meet your specific lifestyle needs, including a large amount of living space. All of the sleep and food services are provided by iRobot, a household robot from Roomba maker iRobot. The boat’s exterior is complete with folding shark-head seat covers and a shark’s face sticker inside of a shark shell.

Photo credit: iFly

8. Solara Zena

Featuring a stateroom opening that extends into a private sundeck, the 596-foot yacht can hold 26 guests and a crew of 16. The yacht’s design was inspired by the Ural Mountains, while exterior features were inspired by the mountains of Tiverton in Devon, England. It can also be outfitted with on-board gyms, massage rooms and a group cookery studio.

Photo credit: Solara Yachts

9. Opal Princess

Built to rival most of the world’s bigger mega-yachts, the Opal Princess is outfitted with several private areas, including a “making-of” center with a red-hot cooker, a movie theater, a spa

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