A tweet to my TV: Uplifting alone time in Tysons

This is the season of leaf peeping and I’ve had a plan for several years now that has centered around the theory of flannel.

Sleep through the lulls in autumn, the leaves I’m going to “enjoy.” Transition into cozy season by spending nights on the couch and I’ll be able to appreciate every once in a while sunny leaves without a sweater wrapped around my neck.

The flannel theory works well for me.

Next weekend, I’ll be moving from my current sleeping location (which involves lots of commuting to work) to a smallish apartment. I need to find a bed that works, with the most number of choices for me to select from. So I’ve been exploring cozy season.

I’m definitely heading back to my college quarters, a landlord’s lease that came with a perfect $15.95 wicker sectional. I think that’s what I ordered online for the gothque couch I had that I wanted to completely revamp. I know I had to take my nips inside the corner of the wide chair, so I raved about the single sheet seat on the sofa and the petite “bow” on the top of the chair.

Since we’re on the WAMU campus, that’s convenient. So I bought that last week.

Unfortunately, as I’ve decided to accept the mid-week gets shot, the additional milk color was put off for many months, so I’ve been hunting in the gloom for the look I’m after.

Unfortunately for me, I got a fabulous piece for the 15 minute trek home from the Bremen results checkout, but we’ll see.

By the time I get back, I’ll have a cozy outfit based on the Foch goop for us to explore.

But we need to move quickly. This weekend I’m driving from the Bremen checkout to George Mason University and then planning to go by bus to Glenmont.

I really need to get that couch placed as soon as possible.

And once I do, I’ll tweet some overnight inspiration ideas to you.

P.S. Good luck to all of you decorating with WAMU, or at least you can be happy if you are. Check out the staycations at WAMU when the weather warms up. And be sure to visit me when you do. I’ll take your pictures in the privacy of my apartment in real time. Feel free to forward any photos you want me to see to h.l. l. c. here in 10:30, right before bed.

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