Meet one of Washington’s newest singles: The 63-year-old paralyzed Marine with a 30-year-old date

Can you find love on the Internet? Twice? After the New York Times reported on 30-year-old Eliza Alagirolia’s “blind date” with 57-year-old Jeff Curran, his story soon went viral. Below, watch:

Their lives didn’t seem so far apart. Curran was a paraplegic Marine who was once married to a former Defense Department civilian. And Alagirolia is a former Colorado cop who changed jobs to prevent a career criminal from becoming a grand jury judge.

The two met while out drinking at Pearl’s Harbor Bar in Washington on Oct. 6. Alagirolia and Curran got to talking, and Curran thought she was “extremely attractive.”

He sent her a photo of himself, which she liked, and they started to chat. He told her he was a bit of a loner.

“I am generally pretty shy and don’t like confrontation. I like to enjoy myself on my own,” Curran wrote in a note Alagirolia posted to Facebook, along with a screenshot of their conversation. “I hope this might get you all to look at me in a new light.”

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