Luxury Retirement Homes in Surrey

When you think about it, the trend towards a more “luxury” lifestyle is really a question of quality, as well as quantity. After all, you need food, shelter, entertainment and wellbeing too – and for many of us, our homes are the focal point of our daily activities.

When planning their new home, the vast majority of baby boomers will be looking for something they can appreciate as a “work” home – one that blends both functionality and style to suit their own individual lifestyles.

Luxury Senior Homes Cater to Rich Baby Boomers

With this in mind, the introduction of “luxury” properties in Surrey makes perfect sense. Continuing its comprehensive portfolio of high-quality properties, this stately firm has developed a concept of “luxury”, based on providing residents with the best lifestyle in a luxurious, spacious home environment.

This ensures the existing lifestyle of those buying into this domain is maintained, as well as keeping the new residents’ expectations high, making everyone involved very happy.

Luxury Senior Homes Cater to Rich Baby Boomers

“We’re proud to have created a delightful retirement home for the established generation,” says Rita Burdall, who’s been with Luxury Senior Homes for the past eighteen years.

“We’re delighted to support baby boomers, by providing the newest and most modern, luxurious lifestyle amenities, that will delight and occupy their days.”

The Project Director of the development, Sue Thompkins adds: “Luxury Senior Homes is determined to provide the highest standards of accommodation for our valued residents. Alongside its many and growing properties across Surrey, we’re investing in facilities that make for a lasting and successful retirement home experience. It’s about making life meaningful.”

Luxury Senior Homes Cater to Rich Baby Boomers

Dorchester Estate is located in Kingston-upon-Thames on the south-west edge of the Green Belt – and retains a significant amount of its original 19th century architecture. This includes original William Nicholson-designed cricket pavilion and barn, plus the impressive Manion Hall that houses the new development’s department stores, café and tailor making facilities.

The key to building these exceptional pieces of residential architecture is to ensure they are sensitively adapted, according to local area requirements.

Luxury Senior Homes Cater to Rich Baby Boomers

With its unique location, Dorchester Estate is surrounded by beautiful countryside and Surrey countryside with nothing but the sound of the seabed for company. Through it all, its modern lifestyle of luxury, luxurious accommodation and quality facilities will not let you down.

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