Amazon lawyers say they’ll defend against lawsuit; diprivan related case is important

MISSION, TX – CNN: Target release 10/19/15 – With the shadow of a drug story hovering over Amazon, here is our latest Case File: ” Omicron Propxts ” the biggest case in decades in a case that could have major ramifications in the pharmacy and health care industries.

In October, five pediatric patients died at a Pittsburgh hospital after getting a fake Diprivan in pill form or by other means. As the and cause the bone marrow transplant necessary to save their lives, investigators at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC filed suit against both Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of Pennsylvania and Amazon.

According to the suit, Amazon stopped selling tablet and powder form of Diprivan over several weeks in 2017 and 2018. But because the child’s names were in the prescription record, Horizon allegedly sold the medicine in the form of capsules and powder online.

A former colleague who worked with Diprivan also filed a case against Amazon in Western Pennsylvania Federal Court in September, alleging that Amazon knowingly sold Diprivan to businesses that used children as lab rats at hospitals around the country.

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