Why does New York not have a better video of having a drink?

The Daily News on Tuesday compiled an entire year’s worth of holiday drink videos featuring videos from Diageo, the British beer and liquor giant, and they’re almost exactly the same.

This compilation of snippets should remind you that the nation, on the whole, is not a particularly drink-centric place. But it would be hard to find a place more of a binge-drinking institution than the United Kingdom. Even the female sexual politics of the country’s Big Society are not great, by American standards. In fact, the country has been known to be relatively dry, or at least relatively boring, when it comes to alcohol.

The country’s coming infrastructure crisis would suggest that the British might be drinking more, but the fact that there are already some websites and bars ordering alcohol in bulk, both online and over the phone, should be a clear indicator of the impending shortage.

Every year for the past 25 years, the United Kingdom has struggled to manufacture enough Christmas Christmas-time liquor, so much so that the local grocer has effectively stopped carrying it. It’s a nightmare, because normal-sized bottles and measures of liquor can’t be manufactured in large enough quantities to meet demand, and it’s hard to find people willing to make up for shortages.

Eventually, a few years ago, The Daily Express found producers were starting to panic and were stocking up on booze and starting to cook up contingency plans in case the shortage did happen. That way, should the inevitable Christmas shortage happen, the country can stock up.

The country’s biggest seller is generally Black Velvet, followed by Finlandia and Bailey’s.

And then there’s everything else.

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